Aero Optical Ltd

Sterling House, 7, Ashford Road,

Maidstone, Kent ME14 5DA.

T: +44 1622 682553


Ref. AO/4/027 Issue 2

1.        Aero Optical Ltd are to be notified of any changes to product and/or process definition & where required obtain approval prior to delivery.

2.         Aero Optical Ltd are to be notified immediately of any recall action resulting from previously delivered non-conforming products/service.

3.        Aero Optical Ltd, their customer &/or regulatory authority reserves the right of access to the suppliers premises at any mutually agreed time & have access to all facilities involved in the order including applicable records, if required.

4.        The Products/Services to be supplied by the suppliermust be produced & released in accordance with any Quality Management System &/or approvals indicated on the Aero Optical Ltd Purchase Order for product, procedures, processes & equipment.

5.        The supplier must adhere to any personnel qualification requirements indicated on the Aero Optical Ltd Purchase Order.

6.        The supplier must flow down, to sub-tier suppliers, applicable requirements in PO documentation, including key characteristics, where required.

7.        Aero Optical Ltd’s customer or the customer’s representative reserves the right to verify the product at the supplier/sub-contractors premises. This verificationdoes not absolve the supplier from the responsibility to provide an acceptable product, nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection by Aero Optical Ltd.

8.        On receipt, all products/services & relating documentation will be inspected in accordance with Aero Optical Ltd’s Goods Receiving process ref AO/2/1/4.

9.        All records shall be retained for a minimum of 10 years & no records shall be disposed of without the permission of Aero Optical Ltd.

10.   The supplier must ensure that the products supplied are from an approved source & not counterfeit.