The FPD-17HDQSTS High Definition Aircraft Display is intended as a ruggedized mission display. It has been designed to be used with both high definition cameras such as FLIR STAR Safire HD and WESCAM MX15 HD, as well as standard definition signals, both PAL and NTSC among others.

As well as quad screen capability, our aircraft video displays offer touch screen capability with auxiliary remote control from the display. These on screen control buttons can be called up and hidden as required offering full flexibility. The FPD-17HDQSTS high definition display offers the added feature of simultaneously displaying up to four separate HD-SDI inputs in quad screen format as well as side by side display and PIP (Picture in picture) which is user configurable.

The FPD-17HDQSTS is designed and has been qualified to meet the environmental conditions specified in RTCA/DO-160E to ensure high reliability in harsh operating conditions.

  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Control
  • Display Features

4 x HD-SDI – BNC

1 x VGA – 15 PIN

1 x Composite – BNC

1 x YUV/RGB – 3 x BNC

2 x HD-SDI – BNC

1 x Composite – BNC


Tactile keypad membrane

Touch screen control for external RS422 equipment such as MF-DVAR.

Quad split mode

Resizable picture in picture