• 1 x HD-SDI input
  • 2 x Composite inputs
  • 1 x HD-SDI output
  • 1 x SD output
  • L + R audio recorded to all video channels (With Mute function)
  • High Reliability, removable Compact Flash Media
  • 1 x CF card slot
  • Standard RS422 remote control option
  • KLV Metadata support
  • Cockpit audio mute function
  • Screen capture function
  • Organisation name text overlay insertion

The DF-HCAR-C is a state of the art High Definition Aircraft Video Recorder designed specifically for the rugged, aerospace industry.
The DF-HCAR-C accepts a single HD-SDI and two SD/Composite video signals that can all be recorded simultaneously.
The DF-HCAR-C records to commercial high reliability, off the shelf Media. Easily inserted and removed, this media can also be interconnected with standard interfaces to a computer for debriefing using standard media players.
The DF-HCAR-C offers high quality video recordings with audio embedded. (low compression)
The DF-HCAR-C offers KLV metadata support for debriefing analysis.


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