Aero Optical solid state aircraft video recorders offer high quality recording for composite and HD-SDI Aircraft Video Recorders.

High Definition is the new standard in the aerospace and security industries. Aero Optical offer a range of high definition aircraft video recorders with features and reliability that are second to none. All our avionics recording devices offer multiple channel input and output options allowing play back and recording of video footage. The flash memory capacity is limited only to current market offerings. Our HD-SDI recorders offer embedded metadata for debriefing analysis.

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AERO OPTICAL offers a design and production service for bespoke aircraft video recording equipment. Our product range currently consists of our Solid State Video Recorder range and video distribution and signal conversion units. We offer a first class level of design, pre sales and after sales service and have a proven track record with industry customers.

We now produce our drop in replacement recorder for the discontinued DVFAR-II. The SD-HCAR-C is a drop in replacement for the DVFAR-II and requires no cable or loom changes. The unit is form and fit and offers additional features.
Our Recorder Options:

SD-HCAR-C SINGLE Compact Single Input, Composite Recorder – New product to replace our DVFAR-II range
SD-HCAR-C DUAL Compact Dual Input, Composite Recorder – New product to replace our DVFAR-II range
HD-HCAR-C Single Compact, Single input, HD-SDI Recorder
HD-HCAR-C DUAL Compact, Dual input, HD-SDI Recorder
DF-HCAR-C Triple Compact, 1 x HD-SDI, 2 x Composite input, Recorder
HD-HCAR QUAD 4 x HD-SDI input Recorder
DF-HCAR QUAD 2 x HD-SDI, 2 x Composite input, Recorder
DF-HCAR HEXA 2 x HD-SDI, 4 x Composite input, Recorder

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